Tony Hernandez

Tony is a proud former Marine and a retired police officer who currently works as a State of Delaware investigator. Tony discovered pickleball in 2015 and immediately fell in love with the sport. Tony enjoys playing pickleball because he is always meeting new people and making new friends. Tony loves the competitive spirit of tournament play as well as the comradery in recreation play. Tony enjoys being a member of a pickleball team that runs tournaments for and has been doing so for a few years.

Tony’s motto is, “Provide services to others as you like to receive”. 

Ken Haley

Ken Haley lives in the Smyrna area where he has resided his entire life.  After a short stretch in the military during the late sixties, he had several jobs before graduating from college and getting married.  He then began his career as a financial auditor with the United States Government, and after over 30 years of service recently retired. 

Recreational tennis has been a part of Ken’s life for many years and he has played on several USTA teams.  Over the past three years he has also taken up pickleball, entering several tournaments with some success.  His other interests include hunting and fishing with his son, caring for his beagles, and maintaining his vegetable garden and property. 

Ken believes tennis and pickleball are great recreational and social events. By volunteering his time to the Courtside Pickleball and Tennis Club, he will assist in ensuring a strong future for the area’s tennis and pickleball community.

Louise Lantzy

Louise lives in Dover, works at Mitchell’s Interiors in Laurel and has a small design business as well.

She has played tennis for over 40 years, served on the Board of Colonial Tennis Club for 15 years, and then again for 14 years.

She joined the Advisory Board of Courtside hoping to further tennis and pickleball in the Dover area.

Mike Sweeney

Mike moved to Dover, Delaware in 1986 with the Air Force and has been in private practice with Internal Medicine of Dover since 1989. He currently lives in Wyoming with his wife,  Lynne.  They have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. Mike previously played a lot of basketball but had to stop due to knee problems.

He now plays tennis and pickleball and enjoys both.